mardi 5 janvier 2010

"Music" Jackie Boyz - Love And Beyond

Original Release Date: April 28, 2009
Label: Baby G Music
Copyright: 2009 Baby G Music
Duration: 3:34 minutes
Genres: Pop/General, R&B/General

01.Love and Beyond
02.Worlds Apart
03.Cross Country
04.Step On Up (Boyz II Men Cover)
05.Ships and Planes
06.Now That Im Here
07.Shes Not Perfect
08.Callin Me
09.Performe For Ya
10.How To Get A Girl
11.Greatest Lie
12.Paid My Dues
13.Stone Cold
14.Sunset Boulevard
15.Love and Beyond (DJ Komori Remix)
16.Now That Im Here (AjapS Remix)

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